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UV Filteration Systems and Servicing


What is UVC lighting?

UVC lighting is the highest energy portion of the UV radiation spectrum. UVC light from the sun does not reach the earth’s surface because it is blocked by the ozone layer in the atmosphere. Thus, the only way that humans can be exposed to UVC light is from an artificial source like a lamp or laser. There are many benefits of using UVC light.

Read more here about how UVC lighting kills viruses including COVID 19


How is UVC lighting utilized in residential and commercial spaces?

  • Installed in HVAC systems for full circulation benefits
  • Stand alone units designed for room by room protection

What are some benefits of UV lighting?

  • Cleaner Air
    UVC lighting disinfects the air, kills viruses, and creates a healthier environmentcfor you and your family
  • Efficiency
    Studies show that UVC lighting installed in ductwork can lead to as much as an 18% efficiency gain, reducing costs and lengthening the lifespan of equipment.

“UVC can be readily applied to HVAC systems to keep coils, drain pans, and other surfaces clean and free of microbial contamination. UVC maintains heat exchange efficiency, design airflow, and improves indoor air quality by reducing bacteria and mold growth on system components.”

“Coil pressure drop is reduced and, therefore, airflow is restored. Because heat transfer also is restored, this combination can result in significant energy savings, with payback of possibly less than 2 years.”

– ASHRAE Handbook, 2008, 2011, 2015

Our Process

  • Site Visit
  • Written Estimate
  • Installation– this typically takes a couple of hours
  • Service -UV bulbs need to be replaced every 18 months and replacement bulbs are roughly $75 per bulb

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Environmental Protection. Done.

Environmental Protection. Done.