Mold Terminator Transforms into Shield Environmental Services


Mold Terminator Transforms into Shield Environmental Services, Expanding Offerings to Combat Health Hazards in Memphis

Memphis, TN – Mold Terminator, the locally-owned and trusted mold remediation expert, is excited to announce its name change to Shield Environmental Services. The rebranding comes with an expanded range of services to protect the health and well-being of families and businesses throughout the Memphis area.

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Mold and asbestos are well-known health hazards that can lead to respiratory problems, allergic reactions, and even serious diseases such as cancer. With the name change and expanded service offerings, Shield Environmental Services aims to tackle these health hazards head-on, ensuring the safety and comfort of homes and workplaces in Memphis.

Located at 105 Pierce Rd, Oakland, TN 38060, Shield Environmental Services will continue to provide its renowned mold inspection and remediation services. In addition, the company will now offer water extraction, structural drying, HVAC and dryer duct cleaning, UV lighting, asbestos removal, specialty cleaning, and UV HVAC systems. These services will be available to customers throughout the Memphis metropolitan area and surrounding regions.

“As the same team you have trusted for years with your mold problems, we are thrilled to expand our services and help even more people create healthier environments for their families and employees,” says company president and co-founder Jon Gambrell.

Mold Terminator - Shield Environmental Services

Shield Environmental Services is committed to providing the highest quality services using the latest technology and industry best practices. The experienced team of professionals works diligently to identify and address potential health hazards, ensuring the safety of everyone who enters a property.

Don’t let mold or asbestos put your health at risk. Take action today by visiting the Shield Environmental Services website at or calling (901) 877-8855 for a free quote on their comprehensive range of services. Protect your home and business with the trusted experts at Shield Environmental Services.


About Shield Environmental Services:

Shield Environmental Services is a Memphis-based team of experienced professionals specializing in mold inspection, remediation, and related environmental services. With a commitment to customer satisfaction and a reputation for quality work, Shield Environmental Services has become a trusted name in the Memphis area. To learn more, visit their website at or call (901) 877-8855.